Thursday, September 1, 2011

Challenge 5: Off the Track- The Runway

Challegne 5 Runway

Well, you can definitely tell that I only spent about an hour and a half on this. This was for a couple reasons. First: I have been crazy busy, with guests on town almost all last week, and new ones coming into town tonight. Second: I hate this kind of challenge, where Heidi (or whoever) basically says "Hi designers, design something that I can sell and make lots of money off your hard work. kthanksbye" Third: I don't even know what the challenge was. When they gave out the challenge, they said not to do workout clothes, but then they dinged people for not making workout clothes. And fourth: Heidi's sneakers are kind of ugly. Nurse. Shoes.

Anyway, I would pair my outfit (which was supposed to look more like a light drape-y jersey blouse and tight miniskirt, and less like a sweatshirt) with sneakers (natch!) and a bold watch (since this girl is clearly about practicality, not fashion).


  1. Oh, I so agree with you on the whole making something for Heidi to get money thing! I hope the next challenge is more fun.

  2. I agree that the shoes are ugly.