Thursday, August 4, 2011

Challenge 1: Come as You Are-The Runway

Challenge 1 Complete
Holy Crap, doll clothes are hard to make... and time consuming! So, she's jacket-less, even though that was the plan originally. I didn't feel up to making sleeves right out of the gate.

Challenge 1 Complete

Katie is wearing a white cotton sleeveless blouse with a ruffle down the front, backed with striped fabric. On the bottom, she wears a high-waisted, striped cotton pencil skirt.

Challenge 1 Complete

Her outfit is completed with tan sling-backs, a leather shoulder bag, and a hammered metal cuff.

Nina liked that she could see who my girl was (a young professional, going out for a lunch meeting).

Michael thought it was well-constructed, but not earth-shattering fashion.

Christina was super-sweet, but didn't have much to say.

Heidi was unimpressed by the length of the skirt and the lack of sparkles.


  1. I love it! (and I'll ignore the fact that we chose the same shoes) hehhee. You obviously have good taste.

    The construction on the pencil skirt is so good :)

  2. Oh yeah, it took me almost all last season before I even attempted sleeves.

  3. Stripes are hard to work with and you made them look easy!