Thursday, August 25, 2011

Challenge 4: All About Nina-The Runway

Challange 4

I have to say, this dress turned out better than I expected. Some of the stitching/tailoring could have been a bit better, but altogether I like the outfit. These fabrics were difficult to work with, but after the pet store challenge, I'm happy as long as there is fabric involved.

Challange 4

I really like how the dress gives Katie a nice hourglass figure. As a doll, she's kind of lacking in curves, but the color-blocking makes her look rather shapely. I kind of want a dress like this in my size.

Challange 4

Here's Katie demonstrating how chic Nina would look wearing this look while telling PR contestants how poorly sewn their garments are.

This dress would be easy to dress up or dress down. It might not be a dress that anyone could wear to work, but a fashion director could probably get away with it. In the daytime I would keep it simple with a nice pair of pumps and a chic tote bag.

In the evening, I would dress up the outfit with some Nina-esque jewelry, more dramatic shoes, and a nice little clutch.

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  1. I love the shine and the colour in this dress. You're right - I think we all want this dress in our sizes :)