Saturday, August 13, 2011

Challenge 3: Go Big or Go Home-The Challenge

From Just Crafty Enough:

Create a look for a model on stilts.

For us, we will interpret the challenge with our dolls on stilts. It will depend on your doll, but for me, what worked was to use chopsticks. I taped chop sticks to her legs. Dowels or even sticks from the yard would work too

It looks as if the stilts extend the models about as far at from the knee to the foot. So if you are engineering stilts for your model think about making them about 1/4 taller.

Create a look that is eye-catching, imaginative and truly larger-than-life, but remember, the judges frowned upon “costume” looks, and responded favorably to the looks that would translate to the runway.

If you want to imitate this challenge even more, have your runway outside.

Time Limit – You have 14 hours to complete this challenge.

I guess I'm ordering Chinese takeout for dinner!

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